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Specialist septic tank emptying in Cambridge and Ely

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Keep your system running smoothly

In order for septic tanks to continue to work efficiently they will ideally need to be emptied regularly. Mitchell & Mayle provide professional septic tank emptying services throughout Cambridge and Ely. It will depend on the size of your property, water usage and the system that you have but we’d recommend septic tank emptying on a regular basis. Get in touch with us for honest advice and a free quote. If you notice that your tank is being emptied more regularly than before, it could be a sign that your soakaway is coming to the end of its life span. Please contact us for advice on what to and, if needed, a quote to repair it.

We offer a tank emptying rota scheme

Our rota operates on a monthly basis allowing us to contact you when your tank is due for an empty based on an agreement between yourself and us. For example, the tank was emptied in November 2014 and you want it emptied every 12 months, we contact you in November 2015 to get it booked in. The rota is flexible. If you think that the agreement between us is too long or too short, you can just let us know when we contact you and it can be adjusted accordingly. Obviously if it’s too long between empties you will probably be calling us! Contact us to find out more about our septic tank emptying services.

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Drain without cover

Re-casting of tank covers

We will also carry out repairs to sewage treatment systems where necessary. Through general wear and tear and old age your system will need to be kept shipshape. To do this we provide expert septic tanks re-casting services throughout Cambridge and Ely. Septic tanks and cesspits were normally a brick construction with a cast concrete cover over the top. These degrade over time and need replacing.

Septic Tanking Emptying

Don’t wait until it’s too late! For professional septic tank emptying services in Cambridge or Ely, contact our team on 01353 687 984