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Professional Drain Repairs in Cambridge

We provide a professional drain repair service in Cambridge and the surrounding area to local businesses and homeowners. For those occasions when conventional cleaning techniques such as high-pressure water jetting are not sufficient to clear a blockage, or you are dealing with a different type of drainage issue entirely, our team of highly experienced technicians can quickly diagnose the fault and suggest a cost effective fix. We offer our services throughout Cambridge, Ely and the surrounding areas so wherever you happen to be located in this part of the United Kingdom, please feel free to call us at any time and ask for professional assistance with your drainage problems. Whether the cause of your problem is broken pipes due to subsidence or invasive tree roots, we can solve it for you in no time at all.

New Drains and Drainage Repairs in Cambridge

In addition to repairing existing drains, we can also install new drainage systems for properties in and around Cambridge. We have the equipment and personnel to perform all the necessary groundwork during major repair work and new installations so there is no need for you to worry about having to deal with various subcontractors. When performing both large commercial installations and working on small domestic drainage projects, our team always makes sure that the work is carried out quickly and efficiently, ensuring that clients can continue to enjoy unhindered access to their properties wherever possible. Whether you would like us to repair blocked drains in Cambridge or install a completely new drainage system, we will be pleased to provide you with a competitive quotation on request.

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Reliable and High-Value Drain Repair Specialists in Cambridge

We understand that when your drains fail, the knock-on effects can be severe, which is why we can reach your property in no time at all. We highly recommend calling a drain repair contractor in Cambridge as soon as you notice a problem to prevent the repair costs from spiralling out of control. If you have a blocked sewage pipe, bad smells may be the least of your problems. If neglected, such an issue can lead to sewage backup in your home, which can be harmful to your health. Fortunately, you don’t have to put yourself in such a situation because our team of drain repair specialists in Cambridge are ready to act as soon as they receive your call. If you want to make sure that your drains get repaired efficiently and to the highest industry standards, then there’s no better company to call than us.

Drain Repair Specialists in Cambridge with the Latest Diagnostic Equipment

One of the reasons that we are widely regarded as the leading drainage specialists in Cambridge is our ability to quickly pinpoint blockages and other problems that lie deep underground. Using advanced CCTV cameras and software, we can find the root cause of any drainage issues you may be experiencing. For more information or to request a visit, call the drain repair contractor Cambridge residents trust: call Mitchell & Mayle today on 01353 687 984.

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When Should You Call the Drain Repair Specialists in Cambridge?

Sometimes, identifying a blocked drain is simple, especially if the consequences include burst pipes and flooding. However, partially clogged drains can often go unnoticed for weeks or even months, and the longer they’re neglected, the more the problem exacerbates. Rather than let drain issues spiral out of control and become increasingly costly to fix, you should call our drain repair specialists in Cambridge to remedy the situation the moment you notice a problem.
Common signs that your drains are clogging up include:

  • Overflowing toilets
  • Foul odours
  • Slow-draining sinks
  • Stains near pipes
  • Flooding
  • Low water pressure

If you notice any of the symptoms above, then we highly recommended calling our specialists for drain repair in Cambridge. Using the latest and most advanced equipment, we can diagnose and solve drain problems without having to tear your home apart, and you can feel confident that our repairs will last for decades.

Cracked or broken drains need to be dealt with by an experienced professional.

For drain repairs in Cambridge or Ely contact our team on 01353 687 984