What Causes Blocked Drains?

A blocked toilet, clogged sink, or similar problem is something many property owners will encounter eventually. Getting in touch with professionals as soon as you notice a blockage is crucial. If whatever is blocking your drain isn’t removed, pressure could build up in your pipes. This puts them at risk of bursting. If they do, [...]

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How to Unblock a Drain and When to Call a Specialist

While they vary in severity, blocked drains are never convenient and they can pose some serious problems for the home when neglected. It’s important to understand the different ways that you can address a drain problem and recognise when the issue is out of your hands. Here are some of the ways by which you [...]

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3 Effective Methods for Clearing Blocked Drains Without Buying Tools

While a plumber can easily come to your home and unblock a drain without issue, sometimes you’d rather try and get the job done on your own. Many blockages are simple to clear using everyday household items, and won’t require the assistance of a drain unblocking service. So before hopping online to look through the [...]

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Cost Effective Drain Unblocking and Repair Solutions in Cambridgeshire

It can happen to anyone at anytime, and a blocked drain is definitely not something to leave until the weekend, which is where we at Mitchell & Mayle come in. We have been cleaning out and undertaking drain repair in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas for more than 30 years, and aside from our wealth of [...]

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Five Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

It’s easy to take our drainage systems for granted, but when things go wrong, you have to call in a specialist to help you clear out the drain. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just prevent the problem in the first place? Here are the top things to avoid putting down your drain. Oils and Fats [...]

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How to Keep Your Septic System in Tip Top Shape

A septic system can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on how well you maintain it. Many older homes still use a septic tank and if you’re not familiar with how to keep your system running well, it’s time to learn. Use Minimal Water The more water goes through your pipes, the more [...]

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The Common Offenders of Blocked Drains

It’s a situation that many of us have found ourselves in: we notice the shower or kitchen sink start to drain more slowly, and begin to pool water. Before long we are dealing with a serious blocked drain. If we handle it right away it can be a quick fix, but there are other times [...]

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Modern Methods of Diagnosing and Clearing Blocked Drains

Whether it’s a septic tank or your sink, a commercial building or your home bathroom, having a blocked drain can be an absolute nightmare. Although with the right equipment and experience drain repair doesn’t always have to be a headache. The modern technology that’s being implemented by drainage companies across the UK has made it [...]

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5 Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains in Your Cambridgeshire Home

Drains are something that we often don’t take care of, until one becomes blocked and you end up with a sink full of dirty water. Unfortunately, there are lots of things that can cause a blocked drain in the modern home, and many people simply don’t realise they’ve done something wrong until they’ve had to [...]

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